Surprises, surprises!

i made it to court, and though i’m glad i made it once again, they didn’t seem to need me for much.  It went surprisingly badly, and my lawyer is suddenly telling me that the judge probably won’t give me half of what we were counting on…which was not much to begin with, but it was ENOUGH, and the possible halving of that leaves me with no way to make the bills.  So that’s fucking terrifying…but i’m going to have a conference with my lawyer and talk some things over with him…and i have some hope it will improve the situation.  *crosses fingers/paws carefully*

The UTI turned out NOT to be an infection at all, but is now thought to be cystitis….and that’s a whole new and interesting ball of wax to deal with, but that may offer me more hope in the long run than i originally thought.  i have to see my new doc and learn more about it, to know for sure.

i made it to the dentist as well, and started the HUGE process of all the big dental work i need done before the end of September and the end of my insurance plan..and i paid out SCARY LARGE amounts of money in advance to do it..but i needed to use the money for this while i had it, or some other emergency would come up and i’d be shit out of luck.  So, i bit the bullet, and i’m nervous, but mostly happy with the fact that i am paid up for now, and really getting things DONE!  🙂

AND, i finally got the eye exam i so desperately needed, through the Vision USA program, and i went in today and saw the NICEST eye-doctor!  It turns out that the light-sensitivity is nothing to worry about, (just wear sunglasses a lot) and i was not imagining all the pain in my eyes and head, i just needed GLASSES for close-up things now!  i was so surprised, but oddly pleased.  It’s great to know there’s nothing serious wrong with my eyesight, and it was even better to realize that the program i qualified for got me one pair of glasses for $20!  And they are nice frames that fit me great!  Until my new glasses come in next week, i have to wear my old glasses from way back when i was a teen, but i’m OK with that…i’m glad i saved them all this time, even though they aren’t really as strong as what i need now..they still help.  i’m just so relieved and glad about that right now.

i got both the kitty commissions i was so worried about, finished and out to their proper owners, AND i got some new hand-made kitty pendants in trade that i want to sell on some of the collars i make, and i got the cuddle mice out to my Kitten friend who likes to try selling them at her booth at the various conventions she is starting to go to.  It was such a big load off my mind to finally get so much of that stuff all done and finished for now.  All the appointments and deadlines and bills have really been getting to me.  i’m extremely glad i get the weekend to rest, (i think) before it all starts again.

My eyes have not adjusted to the glasses yet, so i’m done typing for tonight.

But even with all the things i’m nervous about…i’m also feeling satisfied, relieved, and GRATEFUL.

Grateful, grateful, GRATEFUL.  🙂



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