Ow, ow, ow.

Ok, so this weather officially sucks.

The crazy, up and down, temperatures are making me and pretty much everyone i know SICK.  i’ve been sick in one way or another pretty much all month, and i’m worn out and feeling pretty darn grouchy about it.  To top it off, i get any real exercise at all, particularly the fun kind, and i end up sore and hurting so badly that i can’t sleep.  My bones ache on the days it’s cold, badly enough to effect things like walking normally and gripping objects with my hands.  Last night and today, i have felt like little-whiny-person tape accompanying my every movement with sound effects, like “Ow, ow—ow!”.

i want very much to feel better.

i want to get things DONE around here, like clean the bathroom, deal with maintenance, sweep, mop, and many, many more things too.  i NEED to get to J&FS, so i can get the whole health insurance issue worked out.  (i hope)  And i want to get my kitty gear up and in my online store as well!  But i am constantly exhausted and i feel sick.  *large pout*  i want to go to a halloween party, or go to a haunted house or something….will i possibly feel better in time?

Geez, i hope so.



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