Good Beginnings

i know it’s been forever, and i’m still struggling with my health, but i weigh 89 pounds, even after being sick the past couple days, and while i’d love to be gaining weight…at this time of year, just not losing makes me pretty darn happy.  My fears and phobias are still making life interesting and difficult, but i am THRILLED to be divorced, happy to be free to follow my own dreams and desires, and as scared as i still am, i have HOPE.  And this time the hope seems real, and not delusional.

Believe it or not, after so incredibly LONG waiting and hoping and begging and pleading and arguing and working and crying… that my ex-husband, the anti-hubby, is HISTORY and he can’t stop me….NOW, i am finally able to take those small-seeming steps that are so HUGE to me.  NOW….i’m finally getting some of the things i make, up in my own on-line store!!!  It’s slow, and i have lots to learn about taking pictures and editing them, as well as all the other things you learn as you go in the on-line world….but my kitty-hats are where i have started, and though there will soon be much more to choose from, there are already some nice kitty-ear hats, scarves, and gloves/paws in my store!

This step seems so small, but it means more than i can say; in fact, i am too emotional to talk about it!  🙂  So i’m going to try to add the link to my store in this post…let’s see if it will work!

For me, this is a good beginning.



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