Mouse-capades! :)

i have been SO incredibly busy and single-minded so far this month!  My good friend Princess Kitty makes her own line of kitty-gear, related to but different from my own, and she has a booth this year at our huge local anime convention at the end of this month.  She has kindly offered to take a bunch of my hand-crocheted cuddle-mice with her, and sell them for me in her booth!  *wiggles with glee*  So i’ve been making mice, both with squeakers and without, almost constantly, in an effort to get as many of the little guys out there to be seen and adopted by kitty girls and boys as i possibly can with only this short amount of production time.  While this has been going on, i have also had2 custom cuddle mouse orders, and 1 custom mini-mouse, and an very exciting order for a costume, faux-fur, kitty ears/tail/paws set!  It’s been a happy, busy time for me; and with all the work i’ve been putting into getting my Etsy store up and going as well, i’ve maybe started to feel just a tad overwhelmed.

But i’m thrilled to be making so much progress at last, after all i have been through to even have the opportunity, i am just really grateful right now.  Of course, i want business to pick up even more with the store, but i’m also fairly content with the start i’ve gotten this month…it’s an encouraging sign, and it’s kept me busy and hoping.

Tonight, i bit the bullet and on PK’s advice, purchased a ton of business cards from Vistaprint.  i had to pay extra to have any hope of getting them here in time for the convention, (i REALLY need for them to get here in time!!  *crosses paws for luck*)  and i had to use one of their stock designs, instead of my own design, (yes, i did manage to design a business card for myself that i like!) but i still got a very pretty card out of it, and was able to order a total of 500 cards, with rush shipping, for less than what half as many cards would have cost if i had purchased them from the seller i had originally wanted…with my own design.  In the future, i hope to buy all my business cards from a seller on Etsy, so i can help support the small business dreams of someone else, as i work toward my own, but this first time, i had to think about the cost first and foremost.

Still, i am happy with myself, i think.  i stopped wasting time waffling back and forth about the whole issue, and just DID it, finally.  i now have my first real set (not home-made or home-printed) of business cards coming, and if they do manage to get here on time, i will be able to give some to PK for her booth at the convention, and i will have plenty to save and use for myself and the online store as well.

i’m working on more custom items tonight, and finishing up a batch of mice for the con.  i’m tired, but it’s all finally beginning to feel real to me.  My store is UP, i am getting orders and turning out product, slowly, but surely, and this convention may be a big help to me as well.

It is a good start!  🙂